Hashtag Media: A Great Resource for Your Ministry

Last Summer I had the honor of being asked to be in the first iteration of Hashtag, the Hashtag video series. It was a series of 12 topics with 12 different speakers all magnifying Jesus. It allowed me to tie in with people I would have never otherwise met and opened up a new opportunity for the Church. 

Now that has developed into Hashtag Media, an online resource for content to help you deliver great lessons to your ministries.

Hashtag Media is coming right along and is steadily growing. They're offering new content every month, and they already have a great number of resources available.

The content, for the most part, isn't free though. Hashtag has to be supported somehow. The congregation I work for recently purchased a $200 subscription for 2013, meaning we got four resources and will get every resource released in 2013. It's a great deal. 

This is a great work for the Church, and you cannot ignore the need that we have for good, Biblical and solid content to teach. This content is basically grab-and-go, meaning you can literally grab it and teach it just like that.

Take a look at what Hashtag Media has to offer. I don't think you'll be disappointed.