The 2013 Hashtag Video Series

The Hashtag Video Series is a free, brotherhood-sponsored and brotherhood-funded video series for teens in the Churches of Christ. First started in 2012 by Scott Bond at Spring Meadows Church of Christ, the Hashtag Video Series was a set of 12 videos magnifying the Gospel of Christ to teenagers. Over 300 churches signed up to particpate in over 70 countries on 6 continents - over 12,000 teens experienced video messages from the Gospel through Hashtag last year. 

2013 is proving more ambitious as high-profile speakers like Lonnie Jones and David Skidmore provided messages for the series with filming this past week. The quality has been kicked up a notch and you can expect the same great content from the first series. This year the theme for our 13 videos and skits is For His Glory. We hope to spotlight the issues in teenagers’ lives with subjects such as Fighting, Sports, and Relationships - all For His Glory. Lonnie Jones and his SWAT Skit Team from Huntsville, Alabama will add a new dimension to our series and provide extra content to illustrate points as well. By offering videos for free, we believe we can impact a large number of people for Christ.

All this, however, is not free to produce. Daniel Howell, minister for a congregation in Metropolis, Illinois, has provided excellent HD video capture and editing. Speakers are paid for their time and travel. Materials will be produced and promoted for the new series. 

So we need your help. You can help us out in two ways - purchase a subscription to Hashtag Media content at, filled with all sorts of brotherhood content for teens that is current, relevant, and scriptural. Subscriptions get you all the resources that are released every month, and these resources are filled with illustrations, scripture, stories, and loads of content to keep your youth classes going. Subscriptions are $199 a year. 

The second way you can help is to commit to making a yearly donation to Hashtag for $1000. This isn’t cheap by any means, but you will be helping to fund the next generation of high-quality content for our young people. 

We hope that Hashtag has helped your ministries and churches grow, and we hope that we can grow with your help to magnify the Gospel in this world. 

Click here to go to the donation page for Hashtag.