iOS 7 May Be The Most Popular Upgrade Ever

iOS 6 on the right, iOS 7 on the left. 

iOS 6 on the right, iOS 7 on the left. 

I'm not into market research, sales numbers, or even demographics when it comes to technology. But I can tell you one thing: when iOS 7 rolls out today, it may be the most popular and most widely adopted iOS upgrade to date.  

Why? Because of kids. I have had more kids ask me, "When is iOS 7 coming out?" than you'd ever believe. Keep in mind, this is an OS upgrade. We're not talking about a new video game or a huge concert - this is an OS upgrade on a phone.  

Right now, on the record, I predict that iOS 7 will be the most popular upgrade Apple has pushed out. Ever. And it will be on over 80% of all capable iOS devices in less than a week. 

Watch out, Apple, your servers are about to get hammered.  

iOS 7 will roll out across time zones (like every other iOS upgrade) gradually today. People in Central and Eastern can expect to get the update some time this afternoon.