"The Most Important Thing We Do"

A funny thing happened the other day. I got a request from a friend who works here in Columbia for some quality teaching materials. He was trying to talk to another friend about coming to Christ. I naturally jumped on the opportunity, grabbing up some copies of Take Route and Access to God so I could bring them to him.

As my wife and I were heading up to Target with the kids one day, I was a little hesitant to ask her to make a stop to deliver the materials to my friend. It wasn't out of our way or anything, it's just that if you have small children, you understand that time is very much of the essence when going out somewhere. I explained the situation and that the materials I was getting to my friend were going to be used to talk to someone about Christ.

"That's okay, honey," she said. "This is the most important thing we do."

This is the most important thing we do.

It isn't writing or blogging. It isn't coming up with clever podcasts or themes for retreats. It isn't even making sure we have the best church service in town.

It's bringing others to Christ. On a deeply personal and real level.

Not through Twitter, not through an email newsletter. Face to face.

I often forget that God wants us in the trenches. He wants us talking to people. He does not hope but expects us to go into all the world, despite having magnificent technology at our fingertips. Jesus told us to "Go." So many of us don't.

Our job as disciples is to make other disciples, plain and simple. We need to be reminded that that is the most important thing we do.