Special Post: Podcast Blog Hop

Today's post is very special, because it is a "blog hop." Five blogs are all writing on the same topic, and we hope you will check each one out.

The topic today is simply podcasting. Five writers are each listing the podcasts (by category) they listen to, and linking to where you can find the information about that podcast. At the bottom of the post is the link to the other writers who are involved.

Before I begin my list, I want to point out that 99% of my listening is done with the excellent iOS app Instacast. It syncs between your devices at play positions, it keeps what shows I've listened to in sync, and has a great UI on both iPhone and iPad. It's not free ($4.99), but I'll pay for a great app like this. 


Brotherhood Podcasts (produced by members of Churches of Christ)

Preachers In Training - Preachers in Training is part of the Light Network produced by Robert Hatfield in Pulaski, Tennessee. . Robert offers great insights to teaching and preaching, and I've even been fortunate enough to be a guest for tech topics on the show.

Biblical Manliness - Also on the Light Network and hosted by Chris Clevenger of Chapel Hill, Tennessee, this podcast is great for topics on what a a true man of God should be.

Other Religious Podcasts

Daily Hope with Rick Warren - I like Rick and his insights into the Bible. He makes good points and has good ideas - taking the Bible at an angle that you may have never thought about.

The Simply Youth Ministry Show - Jason and Kurt do a wonderful job with this podcast. They're a little crazy at times, but they have some great content.

News and Information

I rely primarily on the TWiT (This Week In Tech) network for my tech news. I subscribe to MacBreak Weekly, This Week In Tech, iFive for the iPhone, Know How, and iPad Today. I am a tech news uber-geek, as you can see. The News from 5by5 is also an excellent daily podcast that's less than 10 minutes for you to keep up with some tech news.

Sports and Hobbies

The Herd - Colin Cowherd is a genius in the sports world, in my opinion. It's basically the only sports podcast I listen to. He talks a little too much about USC, but I can get over that. 

Star Trek Comic Book Review - If you didn't think I was enough of a geek earlier, you do now. One of my hobbies is enjoying Star Trek, specifically Trek comic books. It's a cheap hobby and because I like Trek so much I can afford it. It's a pretty small niche too. 

The Retro League - Again with the geekiness. I love retro video games, games I played when I was a kid. It's fun rediscovering them and playing them again, and these guys give great commentary on retro gaming news. 


Mac Power Users - David Sparks and Katie Floyd do a fantastic job of detailing apps and services that help me as a youth minister working on my Mac every day. If you have a Mac or iPad at all, check out this podcast.

Back To Work - Merlin Mann is one of my favorite funny people. And I don't even get half his jokes. His show on 5by5 is one of my favorites, because they talk about everything from shaving to apps for productivity.

The Ihnatko Almanac - Andy Ihnatko is a tech writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, but he's also a blogger and podcaster. I love his podcast where he basically talks about anything and everything - from movies to apps to tech and comic books.

Now that you have seen the podcasts that I enjoy, take a few moments to "hop" over to the other writers who are doing the same thing:

Adam Faughn has his podcast list here.

Robert Hatfield lists his podcasts here.

Daniel Howell shows you his playlist here.

QUESTIONS: Do you like the "blog hop" idea? What other podcasts do you recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments.