Rant: What's Wrong With This Picture, Microsoft?


First I want to confess that no, I am not a user of anything Microsoft. I have a Mac and I use Mac-equivalent programs for such things as word processing and spreadsheets. Before you write me off as an "Apple Fanboy" who just hates everything Microsoft, hear me out. 

I know lots of people who depend of Microsoft programs and apps (like Outlook, Exchange, and Office) every single day. I know people who write everything in MS Word, and just because this is what they like to use should not mean that I should judge them. 

What got me thinking about this was a few articles posted this week about MS Office finally coming to the iPad. My question is: why wasn't this done years ago? What's wrong with this picture, Microsoft? 

I don't depend on Office, but I know lots of people who do. The iPad is an undeniable success when it comes to content creation. It's been a force in the tablet market nearly since the day it was released. So why didn't Microsoft rush in and get Office done for the iPad? 

1) Because Microsoft doesn't care about customers. They haven't for a while. They care about profit margins and making money. They care about maintaining domination in the PC market. The customer has become the casualty here.

2) They have a bunch of engineers writing their systems and programs, not designers designing user interfaces that people can actually use. 

3) They want, at the expense and convenience of the customer, to push their own OS and tablets like Windows 8 and the Surface. Don't get me wrong - these are great machines and I even like Windows 8, but it's too late to the game. Lifelong PC users hate Windows 8. Everyone who owns a tablet has an iPad or an Android device. 

It's time for Microsoft to stop ignoring what's happening in the real world. It's time for them to admit that Office needs to be on all platforms, not just theirs. Because, based upon the latest impressions of Windows 8 and Windows 8 PC and Tablet sales, customers have spoken. Loudly.