Thanks for visiting my site. I'm basically a super nerd dad of three boys with a wonderful wife who means everything to me. 

I enjoy writing on the site about christianity and technology. An interesting mix, to be sure. I also have lots of resources here on the site from digital parenting guides to classes and devos. Below, you'll find some of the people and organizations I work with. 

It would be a pleasure to for you to get in touch. If you want to book me for a speaking engagement, ask a tech question, or just chat - you can email me at 

Things that are taking my focus NOW

  • Making my family a priority on nights, Fridays, and Saturdays.
  • Working as Education Minister at the Graymere Church of Christ
  • Maintaining Graymere's Education website, GraymereHub
  • Working with Graymere's video ministry and Andrew Phillips on our TV show Connections
  • Helping design and plan the 2018 Revival Youth Minister's Retreat here at Graymere
  • Presenting my Active Digital Parenting seminars at venues all around the country (schedule)
  • Enjoying YouTube channels such as MKBHD, My Life in Gaming, Metal Jesus Rocks
  • Currently reading: Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung, One Word, and The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida
  • Writing my book Active Digital Parenting
  • Speaking at my Active Digital Parenting seminars all across the country
  • Maintaining the app and website for Evangelism University as well as serving on their board
  • Maintaining the website for M2Y as well as helping to plan the 2018 conference
  • Working with the One Word Ministries team with on our next big project :-]