055: YouTube Basics for Churches

From the Pro Church Tools Podcast

From the Pro Church Tools Podcast

054: Slack

048: Starting Out with Wes and Jess

In our first three-person episode, we talk to Wes Ayers and Jess Eastep of the Ministry Zoo podcast, and how they just started out with a new podcast which is also a ministry. 

038: Wrangling Email

In this episode, we talk about how to get control of your email through philosphies, apps, and strategies.

Email apps talked about in this episode:

  • Apple Mail
  • Google Inbox
  • Mailbox
  • Outlook 
  • Spark
  • Dispatch
  • Mail Pilot

036: Technology in Ministry [M2Y 2015]

I had the honor of presenting one of two lessons at the Ministering 2 Youth (M2Y) Conference in Chattanooga this week. This is the first one, Using Technology in Ministry. Enjoy!

034: Five Apps That Will Change Your Ministry

In this episode we talk about five apps that could change your ministry and how you work. 

032: Buying a New Computer

Ministry Bits is BACK and talking this week about buying a new computer. And not just Mac - Windows laptops too! 

021: TextExpander + IFTTT + Instapaper

In this episode as part of our Apps Spotlight series, we look at three great apps that can help you save time, be productive and organize all your stuff in ministry. 

Jerry Elder on Perspective

In Episode 005, Jerry Elder joins us to talk about perspective in his 32 years of youth ministry and some of his favorite apps.  

Jerry's favorite apps:

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