044: The Big Android Switch with Eric Gray

Eric Gray, a youth minister in Mobile, Alabama, made the switch to Android away from his longtime iOS. Why did he do that? Listen and find out.

035: Workflows with Michael Whitworth

Michael Whitworth is the associate minister at the Keller Church of Christ in Keller, Texas, but he's also the owner and operator of Start2Finish, a online website blog with dozens of contributors and book publishing company. Today we talk to him about how he keeps track of it all with his tech.

Spring Cleaning, Tech-Style

In this episode, we look at ways to take spring cleaning to your tech, from cleaning out contacts and folders on your computer to combining apps and services to streamline workflows. 

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Show Notes

Spring Cleaning

  • We do it (or should) in our homes, why not in our tech?
  • Throw out old stuff you've never used
  • Combine tech when possible
  • Recycle/sell tech (Gazelle.com)


How much tech do you need to get rid of?

  • Delete unused apps on your devices
  • Clean install - only DL apps you need
  • Back up your devices to iTunes/iCloud

What do you need to change?

  • Combining two/three apps into one
  • Ask yourself: Can this one app do these three things?
  • Streamline workflows 

Jerry Elder on Perspective

In Episode 005, Jerry Elder joins us to talk about perspective in his 32 years of youth ministry and some of his favorite apps.  

Jerry's favorite apps:

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Top Ten iPhone/iPad Apps

Episode 002 - In this episode we talk about our favorite iPhone and iPad apps for ministry.


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