Below are my current list of speaking engagements that I have planned. Some of these are for Active Digital Parenting, a seminar I do for parents and teens. I've annotated ADP for those talks. If you're in the area for one of my speaking engagements, come say hello! I'd love to chat. 

If you would like to book for any kind of talk or a Digital Parenting seminar, please get in touch.


  • April 2: Wood Avenue CoC ADP - Florence, AL
  • April 7-8: Concord Rd CoC Retreat - Huntsville, AL
  • April 29-30: Broad Street CoC ADP - Scottsboro, AL
  • May 5: Mt Juliet CoC - Mt Juliet, TN
  • June 19: Mt Pleasant CoC - Bowling Green, KY
  • July 17: Broad St. CoC - Lexington, TN
  • August 12: East Hill CoC - Pulaski, TN
  • August 18-19: Meridianville CoC ADP - Meridianville, AL
  • August 23: Chase Park CoC - Huntsville, AL
  • August 25-27 (Fri-Sun): Woodward Park CoC ADP - Fresno, CA
  • October 6-8: Area-Wide College Retreat - Spring Grove, VA
  • November 2-5: M2Y Conference, Pigeon Forge, TN