Bibliotheca is Completed

The completed Bibliotheca set. Shipping early December 2016.

The completed Bibliotheca set. Shipping early December 2016.

Over 24 months ago, I was able to speak through emails to Adam Lewis Greene, the creator of the Kickstarter project named Bibliotheca. It was an exciting project that explored a revision of the American Standard Version into a reader's version with no typical verse breaks or references. Just the text, presented with a custom font, in a four-volume clothbound set. 

The initial ask was that of $37,000. Greene got $1.4 million. 

I was privileged to be backer number 469 out of 14,884. 

Greene said the initial project should just take months, and should be delivered sometime that next year. That was in 2014, and that never happened. 

As it turns out, getting a new Bible printed in four volumes is hard work. The initial project was pushed back a little over two years. Some of that was delays; most of it was just to get things right.

Greene announced last Friday that the project is finished. The announcement video, complete with a tearful Greene:

From a personal standpoint, I look at this video and see just how much that Adam poured his heart into this project. It almost makes me angry that people would criticize him for wanting to do this right and not instantly. Good things come to those who wait. 

If you were one of the backers, you should be receiving your shipment of your set in December. If not, there are a limited run of copies available at

There is a special place on my desk for this set, and I look forward to sitting down every day and reading the Word of God from these volumes. Truly, Adam Greene has changed the face of Biblical printing.