Long-Term Impact with Youth Ministry

Youth ministry can be a long, hard slog sometimes. 

Sometimes you'll look out on your teens and see apathy in their faces. Sometimes you'll catch them posting really stupid and bad stuff on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe you'll even struggle as to if Christ is even having an impact in their lives. 


I've heard of numerous examples in other minister's lives (and even some of my own) about kids coming back years later, sometimes with their own kids, and saying something like, "You know, I didn't know the value of Christ in my life when I was a teen in your class. Now as a twenty-something parent of two, I've rethought that, and I've always thought of what you taught me." 

Youth ministry sometimes isn't an immediate-response kind of thing. 

Sometimes you're just planting seeds. Seeds that may take years to grow. Seeds that might not have ever been there had you not taught the Word of God and led kids to Christ like you did. 

Just remember that some kids will never be reached. Other kids won't be reached...at least not right now. But seven years down the road, they may look back and say, "You know, that silly youth minister of mine was on to something good." 

Your love and kindness towards teens and their parents now can have a long-term impact on their lives well into the future. While it might not be evident at all today, you may be planting the seeds for a relationship with Christ tomorrow.