Announcing New FREE Resources!


Usually, I don't use exclamation points, but this actually warrants one. Because I'm really excited to launch my new set of resource pages here on the site.  

Starting today I'm offering over 30 free downloadable text files of sermons, classes, and devotionals. The sermons are full-length and full-text, because that's how I write out my sermons. These sermon lengths can range from 20-40 minutes. Classes are your standard 40-minute classes, mostly for teens, although the content will be applicable across age groups. These are a mix of full-text and bullet points with scriptures, illustrations, and sometimes even games. The devotionals are short, 5-minute thoughts that I do usually twice a month here where I work on Wednesday nights. They're full-text as well. 

I'm not charging for any of this content, because 1) I believe the Gospel is free and these resources try to teach that Gospel, so they should also be free, and 2) with the exception of personal stories and illustrations, I claim no original content here. In fact, most of these illustrations and lessons you've probably heard before. When I take an idea from someone else's writings, thoughts, or words, I cite it. So I claim no original thoughts here, just some good content that I felt I did not need to keep to myself.  

Most files are in plain text (.txt) format for your connivence. This makes incredibly small files that are easy to download and open and lets you put your own formatting on them if you wish. The text files will open in any text editor, internet browser, or word processor, making them very universal. 

I only have two prerequisites to using the material and content provided: 1) DO NOT use this stuff without further study of your own. This material is meant to help you in your ministry, not replace your study. 2) If anyone wishes to use this content in a publication, either printed or otherwise, I request to be contacted for it's use. 

Take a look at those resource pages and let me know what you think. More resources will be added every week, so keep checking back. Eventually I'll have a library of resources at your fingertips.

May God bless you and the use of these materials in your ministry and study.