Tape Geek

So I am a complete Tape Geek. For some reason, the analog media from the 80's and 90's resonates with me. So mainly for my own enjoyment, I put together a YouTube channel of me unboxing various blank cassette tapes from that era. I have duplicates of each tape that remain in my private collection (pictured below), preserved for posterity. Collecting blank media may be a weird hobby, but to me it's a symbol of potential from a bygone era. 

I don't just collect blank media, I also collect favorites from the 80's and 90's as well (also pictured below). I have a nice Yamaha deck that I use to play and record on tape. I love to take modern recordings like concerts and favorite podcast episodes and record them to tape. I don't just buy up tapes to hoard them, I buy tapes I owned as a kid or ones that are special to me. 

Take a look at some of my collection below, and also make sure you watch the videos on the Tape Geek YouTube channel. More videos are added regularly. Also, if you have some tapes you'd like to donate or sell for a video on the channel, get in touch!

Some other great links on tape recording and other tape stuff: TapeMonitor, Vintage Cassettes, and Krazeeization on Youtube

Blank Media Collection