How Big Is Your God?

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever seen? During my time in the Marine Corps, I got to travel in some Air Force C-5 jets. Now, if you’ve never seen one, they’re huge cargo planes that can fit two helicopters in the back with the rotors taken off. They’re enormous. And granted, they’re not the largest thing I’ve ever seen, they’re just the largest thing I’ve ever seen that could FLY.

Think about big things today, big problems. Think about all your problems, whether it’s about your money, your children, or your future.

What’s a problem that’s too big for God? 

In Joshua chapter 10, the Lord’s people are basically waging war to take back the land that God gave them in the first place. And then, starting in about verse 12, we read of a crazy thing that happens: God causes the Sun to literally stand still, so that they would have more time. He didn’t just cause it to stand still for a couple of hours - it was like that for a whole day! Verse 14 says that there has never been a day like it, before or since then.

God is big enough to do anything for you. If He can stop the sun from setting, he can help you solve your problems. God is bigger than our problems, our relationships, our parents, our kids, our teachers, the President, our homework, sports, or any other wants/needs/desires. God is bigger than all of it.

Do you want a better job? Ask God. Do you want a better relationship with your spouse? Ask God.

You see, Joshua asked God to let the sun be still, and God made it happen. I don’t know if there is such a unique time in all the Bible when God obeyed the voice and request of a man.

We put God in a box. We limit Him to what He can do, and we think He can’t possibly solve our big problems. But God is bigger than all of those.

Put your faith and your trust and your problems upon God today.