My Current Gear & Apps

Below is what I am actually currently using for gear and apps. I hope to have other guests that highlight their gear and apps for everyday use as well.


+ Thule Gauntlet bag, $50 // This bag is amazing. It's solid, it protects my Macbook and iPad mini, and it's wonderful to carry around. They sell them at the Apple Store, so go check them out and then go home and buy it on Amazon for cheaper.

+ Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone and iPad mini, $35 / $60 // These cases are extremely rugged, and while they clash with my minimalistic outlook on life in general, they save me money because they have saved my devices many times. Military-spec tested. 

+ Aviiq Thincase for iPhone 5, $20 // When I'm not travelling or at one of our camps or retreats, I use this case as minimal protection for my iPhone 5. And when they say Thincase, they mean thin.

+ Evernote Smart Notebook, $15-25 // I use this to write down ideas and everyday notes at my desk, and I can take a picture of it with the Evernote app and have access to all my handwritten notes on the go.

+ Apple Remote$19 // I teach 2-3 classes per week, and this remote is nice and small and fulfills my needs with presenting from Keynote or Prezi (via iRed Lite).

+ Pigma Micron Archival Ink Pen$3-10, // For marking in my Bible. Don't use a regular pen to markup a Bible...I have a Bible from 15 years ago that I did that in and it yellowed a bunch of the pages. Use archival ink only.

+ Uni Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil, $17 // Greatest mechanical pencil that I've ever used.

+ ESV Thinline Calfskin Bible$104 // My everyday Bible. Some nerd will shun me for not going all digital, but I love the old school feel of a Bible (and other books) in my hands.


+ Mailbox for iPhone, Free // Currently my go-to Mail app for iPhone. It's new, it's free, and it's wonderful. They're currently accepting reservations.

+ Tweetbot for iOS, $2.99 // Best Twitter client for iPhone. And iPad. And the Mac.

+ Instacast for iOS, $4.99 // Lots of people like Downcast, but I like Instacast. The UI is wonderful, I can download podcasts for offline listening, and it has custom playlists for my podcasts. Wonderful app.

+ Drafts for iOS, $2.99 // Recently discovered this app. I make lots of quick notes every day, and I used to rely on the excellent Squarespace Note for that. Now I rely on Drafts. It allows me to make quick notes, and even append them to Dropbox.

+ Pocket for iOS, Free // Lots of nerds will get onto me for not using Instapaper, but Pocket is my go-to Read-It-Later service right now. Nothing wrong with Instapaper (I own it as well), I just prefer Pocket right now.

+ Elements for iOS, $4.99 // Elements is an excellent plain text editor for iPhone and iPad. I use it on both. You can edit and created text documents and save them to your Dropbox. You can sync between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I write everything in plain text, so when I have class notes, I pull them up in Elements and teach from my iPad.

+ TaskAgent for iOS, $5.99 // A little pricey (I bought it when it was $2.99) but it syncs plain text to-do lists to Dropbox. I do everything else in plain text, so why not my to-do lists?

+ Cheddar for iOS/Android, Free // Simple to-do lists. Free apps for Android, Mac, iOS.

+ Sunrise, Free // My new calendar app of choice. Very nice and very free. 

+ Cloudier for iOS, $2.99 // App for Cloudapp, my URL, image, and text sharing service. Comes in handy with a menubar button and extensions for Chrome and Safari. 

So there you have it - what I'm using right now. Have something to add? Let's hear about it.