Men: What Have We Become?


We have become a bunch of macho idiots. We have put girls in bikinis and idolized the beautiful ones and hated on the ones that don't meet society's definition of beauty. We have made sports more important than relationships - both with God and with others. We prioritize work and "getting ahead" more so than we prioritze our relationships with wives, husbands, sons, and daughters. We have set aside time for hobbies, movies, and video games - but not for family. We have degraded sex so much that it is now the equivalent of going to the mailbox. And we have done all this with a smile on our face and money in our bank accounts. 

It is time for us to be Gentlemen - gentle men.


Just a little excerpt from something I'm working on for our new guy's split class tomorrow. Harsh, but so true for most men.